Pre-Season Tour | Discovering Lecce with Gianluca Frabotta | Serie A 2022/23

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    We are following Serie A teams in their pre-season to bring you all the news and this time we visited the Lecce camp. The team from Salento just made their return to the top flight and Gianluca Frabotta tells us they intend to stay here | Serie A 2022/23
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Vito Campanella +12
Vito Campanella

grande frabotta portiamo in alto il sud

Hace 26 días
Selenia Fiorita +5
Selenia Fiorita

Forza Gianluca...Lecce crede in te 💛❤💛❤💛❤

Hace 26 días
Supreme[ㄖ乙乂] +3

Daje Frabottaaaa💛❤💛❤

Hace 26 días
Amedeo Galati +2
Amedeo Galati

Grande GIALLU E sempre forza LECCE 💛❤️

Hace 19 días
Peppo Gamer +1
Peppo Gamer

dai Gianluca 💛❤️🐺

Hace 25 días
Luigi Amarante +2
Luigi Amarante

Per ora hai fatto: Cremonese, Salernitana,Fiorentina,Lecce

Hace 26 días
Pavan Majji +1
Pavan Majji

We want english subs 😭😭😭😭

Hace 26 días
Barbach Mina +1
Barbach Mina

Nice bro Nice bro Nice bro Nice bro Nice bro Nice bro Nice bro Nice bro

Hace 26 días
Carlo Giancipoli +4
Carlo Giancipoli

Forza Lecce!!!

Hace 26 días


Hace 23 días


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cancelamos nuestra boda

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